Week 1 // 3 Feet High & Rising, De La Soul


It was a gift from Stef. The story behind how it became Week 1 is long, but basically, she beat Jonathan by hours and me by a day.

So the very first week of your life, the house was fairly quiet. But we played you this. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting, but you laid in your crib (thank the good lord) and peacefully gave a non-reaction. Because I was searching for something, I dare say I noticed you whimpered at “Me, Myself and I,” which told me (again, reaching) that you lean more underground than mainstream, which pleased me.

The album is split into two records, so we did a lot of re-listening to the same side, out of sheer laziness. The irony is, I have this CD, but there’s no CD player in the living room. I have the MP3s on my phone, but I didn’t feel like it’d be the same. I’m pretty sure I’m right.

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