Week 3 // Gling Glo, Björk

2016-08-20 13.52.20

2016-08-20 13.52.35

Mommy was introduced to this album by some friends of friends of friends in Paris about 15 years ago. I admit, I was a latecomer to the Björk bandwagon, but perhaps this album wouldn’t have been mentioned to me had Björk not been my new fave in 2001. At some point, I did some research which told me that the songs are Icelandic nursery rhymes. This made perfect sense, though it turns out to be false. Either way, the music seemed like wonderful baby music, and since Mommy hadn’t bought you any records yet, I ordered it for you.

Just to let you know, I originally searched Amazon, which had it on vinyl for over $100 or some crazy price. I found it cheaper on eBay from Germany. So your third record is not only rare, but an import—two qualities you’ll soon learn are very meaningful. Anyhow, being that it came all the way from Berlin, I never thought it had a chance to be Week 1, but it nearly made it; the day after your baby shower (when you got 3 Feet and Supreme), Gling Glo came. So close, but no cigar.

The moment you heard the first piano notes on Gling Glo, your face literally lit up. It was pretty frickin’ amazing, because you’d been virtually expressionless through all the music we’d played thus far. (Admittedly, I haven’t really seen much reaction since, so it could’ve been a fluke, but let’s go with this.) That said, you much prefer Side A, particularly the title track. I did play this album for you in the womb—perhaps your expression was one of recognition? We’ll never know!

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