Week 4 // Concertos, Time Life



Now is a good time to mention that the majority of your records are from what’s called “the dollar bin,” or from thrift stores (same thing; they’re $1 each), and some day I will introduce you to the concept of “D.I.T.C.”

This week’s record is one of these dollar finds. During the last weeks of my pregnancy, I needed to go out, so I took the long walk to Salvation Army and picked some records for you. I distinctly remember fighting with some able-bodied guy for vantage on the record shelves. You see, being 39 weeks pregnant, I was huge. Bending down wasn’t an option. This guy was frustrated, looking for good stuff. Me, I was looking for decent stuff without scratches. New, sealed records like this week’s were ideal. The guy turned out to be nice—he asked me what I found when we were checking out. I replied, “A bunch of classical,” since classical is all that’s available without scratches at the thrift store.

I chose this as your first thrift store (i.e., non-gift) selection for this reason; I didn’t want to deal with any playing issues. As it turns out, you enjoy classical music. I know all the baby books suggest it, but it isn’t highbrow hogwash after all. I’ll have more on this topic in future posts.

We got to learn what a concerto is. This is one that’ll get converted to MP3 so you can listen more.

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