Week 9 // Cheat Week (CD) Mozart: Piano Quartets, Beaux Arts Trio & Bruno Giuranna



On your 8-week birthday, we took a trip to the pediatrician and, besides getting glowing reports on your weight/length/head circumference growth, vaccinations happened. Discomfort and naps ensued. When you woke, unconsolable and warm, I decided to try calming you with classical music. The CD I chose (yes, a CD system is all we have in the bedroom) was Mozart Piano. I wasn’t intending this to sub for a record this week—I’d actually resigned to skipping this week—but it just so happens that the CD coincided perfectly with the schedule. And we’ve been listening to it nonstop. It’s really mellow at low volume. You love it. I believe it does calm you down. I’d have the CD on repeat, except my remote is broken. She’s fallen asleep with it in the background many times since Friday.

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Listen (Quartets in G minor & E flat)

EDIT (10/23/16): I’d realized long ago that this CD needed to be ripped and placed on various devices. I will say that it’s been playing virtually nonstop for the past 20 hours from our bedroom iPad, and you just woke up from a nap. You slept the whole night with it playing quietly in the background. I can truly state that you love this CD. I’ve been inspired to take piano lessons (again), so as to be a good role model for you when you’re of piano playing age.