Week 17 // and the Anonymous Nobody, De La Soul



This week marks your first record that’s (a) been made after 1990, and (b) from an artist you already own! This release was a momentous event, documented widely around the Web, as it’s De La’s first studio album in 12 years. So we shan’t do another review, so to speak. All you need to know is, you liked it. We did run into a bit of a snafu with one of the spiffy yellow vinyl records looking a bit warped. Mama complained (“these are collectors items, dammit!”), and we got them replaced.

Meanwhile, we were listening and loving, particularly “Greyhounds,” featuring Usher. There was also Track 2, which begins with some type of sample that sounds like a kung fu movie. To this you reacted with a heightened attention, I think a raised eyebrow. Who knows what you were thinking?
On subsequent listens, Mama danced to them for you—and you danced too—until Mama’s back hurt. It felt good. We were jammin’, baby.
You also got your first introduction to Little Dragon, which is a band Mama knows but whose singer Mama really loves in the band Koop. Mama is trying to get you that on wax, though it is going to be expensive.
I think your De La Soul collection will need to be rounded out with all the albums in between 3 Feet & ATAN. Good thing we have time to dig for them; ’till then, we can listen to Mama’s CDs.
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