Week 19.5 // A Moon Shaped Pool, Radiohead

Momma just received this in the mail. Bought before you were born.

Technically, this isn’t your record. Sorry to break it to you. The OK Computer is iffy—if Momma finds the Parlophone pressing, then the Capitol release is all yours. Don’t worry; I’ll explain later.
So this is Momma’s first time hearing this album. First time in history where analog preceded digital listen.
Momma is now a bad fan. She used to jump on planes and drive hundreds of miles to see a Radiohead show. More on that when you’re old enough. But now she just cruises reddit.com/r/radiohead to feel totally out of touch with today’s Radiohead fans. Sad face.
At the very least, I wonder how the boys parent, and how cool their kids are, and imagine me bringing you up just as cool. If I ever meet any of them, I’ll most certainly open with the topic of parenting and try like hell to avoid a full-on fangirl meltdown.
No pics, because the box set is already securely packed away with all the other Radiohead collectibles!
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