Week 24 // Simple Things, Zero 7


How, you may ask, could this be tagged a favorite as well as “meh”? Easy. I loved this album 15 years ago; you could care less. 

That’s not to say it’s no longer good. Deciding which favorites I want to share with you, I made the mistake of thinking this mellow album would be brilliant. Brilliant it was not. What was cool and “chill” to a twenty-something in 2001 is downright lethargic for an infant. We trudged through all four sides of this schmancy-pants reissue, and never played it again. 

I will say, though, that I made the mistake of buying this over Moon Safari, an album contemporary to Simple Things, by a band called Air. While equally mellow, it’s more upbeat and less depressing, really. Trouble is, now Mama’s tired of these darned 180-gram reissues that she’s not going to buy the Air LP for you. You’ll have to hear that one digitally until you save up enough allowance to buy it yourself. 

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