Our first trip to Amoeba Records in Berkeley, CA

This is the blog for my now-12-week-old daughter, Ellie. Every week, starting on Friday, we try out a new record. The goal is to keep a record of what we/she like/s, and eventually have this blossom into an activity we can share—shopping for records, listening to new stuff, and deciding what we like and why. All the records are hers; we are building her record collection week by week. The Technics 1210 is also hers, but it may take a couple decades before mommy gives it to baby! As for how the idea began, I jotted down the following. 

It all began with Erykah Badu. I was in the mood for her all week long, from “Rimshot” to New Amerykah—I think possibly because she represents two things I was really feeling that week: independent and maternal. I had just decided to give notice at work because of my pregnancy, and after a day of listening to nonstop Erykah MP3s, I came home and put on a CD I have yet to rip: “Live.”

While playing the CD on my so-so stereo, I realized I was half hearing music and half hearing the motor of the CD player clicking away. I began searching online for a higher end CD player that’d make less noise, but they’re hard to come by at a decent price. Though easily justifiable as a “push gift” for myself, a CD player started making less and less sense as I thought about it: why invest in an outdated technology that could phase out at any time? Vinyl, on the other hand, is still somehow timeless and sounds amazing. At that very moment, my preggo-brain started churning, and I set out on a mission that couldn’t be stopped!

After about a month, many consultations with DJ friends, a failed Craigslist sale, and endless phone tag with Guitar Center, I finally procured a Technics turntable for the baby. (Yes, I swear it’s for the baby!)

The plan was simple, one record a week, starting at birth. I would see what kind of music she gravitates toward, and I would automatically have an activity to share with my daughter. Twelve weeks in, I’ll simply say that it’s been a joy counting down the weeks with music. The project hasn’t been without its challenges, but overall, it’s been pretty cool.

Since it’s already Week 13, I thought I’d start the blog with the most recent week (12), and fill in the missing weeks as time goes on.

Thanks for looking. If for whatever reason, you’d like to contact me, you may do so here.